I was talking for a living for most of my working life.  Now that I've retired, I have time to talk for pleasure − hopefully, yours!

I regularly give talks at locations all across Kent, including Medway, Sheppey and Thanet, to a variety of different groups − with a variety of different interests, from Active Retirement Associations to Women’s Institutes, including Church Groups, Historical Societies, Probus, Rotary, Round Table, U3A, Young Wives and all sorts of ‘special interest’ groups.  In fact, anywhere people gather in groups, I’ll come and talk to them (at short notice, if I’m available).  My audiences have ranged in size from less than 10 to more than 110 people, male and female, and of all ages.

I talk about things which interest me and about which I am enthusiastic.  That way, I’m pretty sure that my audience will enjoy listening!

(Follow this link to see where I’ve been − more than 200 visits, so far!)

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