My Talks:

I currently have two talks, both fully illustrated using the latest digital technology equipment − all of which I supply and which my wife, Beryl, helps me to set up.  Each talk lasts about 50 minutes with time for comments and questions.  (I also need about five minutes to set up equipment before a talk.)

‘Flying For Fun’ is obviously about flying!  I am enthusiastic and experienced and have been passionate about flying since my childhood.  I have flown literally hundreds of times as pilot or passenger in more than thirty different types of aircraft from airliners to autogyros − including gliders, helicopters, microlights, various light aircraft, and a commercial airline flight simulator − even Concorde, the fastest way to travel, and a hot air balloon, the slowest!

This talk, in four sections, features an entertaining look at the history of aviation, a reassuring review of airline safety, a glimpse at my piloting experiences, and concludes with instructions on how to fly a helicopter!


‘My Life as Film Star’ is obviously a completely different subject but presented in a similar style using the same technology. This talk features a light-hearted look behind the scenes at film making, with particular reference to the making of the 2004 BBC TV 'Docu-Drama' film ‘Dunkirk’ − some of which was filmed locally and in which I played a small (very small!) part.

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